Drupal Camp!

With a little help from the DrupalEasy folks in Orlando, the Miami and Fort Lauderdale groups are finally putting on a Drupal Camp! (Thanks Mike Anello, for giving it the final push!) Nova Southeaster University in Davie is hosting the event on Saturday, October 22. Admission is a only $10 — if you are anywhere in South Florida, come!  There are corporate sponsors, but consider chipping in $40 to be an individual sponsor.  Details are at the Drupalcamp website. For the Drupal wary:  there is a Beginner’s track, using Drupal 7, the easiest Drupal ever! For experienced Drupalers, there will Continue reading Drupal Camp!

Code4Lib2010 Notes from Day 3

Keynote #2:  Paul Jones catfish, cthulhu, code, clouds and levenshtein cloud (what is the levenshtein distance between Cathy Marshall and Paul Jones?) Brains: create the code using certain assumptions about the recipient, which may or may not be accurate Brains map based on how they are used. (images showing difference in brain usage between users who are Internet Naive, and Internet Savvy: for Internet Naive, “reading text” image closely matches “Internet searching” image, but is very different for the Internet Savvy image) Robin Dunbar: anthropologist who studies apes & monkeys.  Grooming, gossip, and the evolution of language (book).  Neocortex ratio Continue reading Code4Lib2010 Notes from Day 3

Code4Lib2010 Notes from Day 2, afternoon

A better advanced search http://searchworks.stanford.edu How to filter multiple similar titles by the same author, or multiple author instances (artist as author, as subject, as added author), or combine multiple facet values At start: no drop down boxes, only titled text boxes, based on above.  Keyword (& Item Description) 3rd on the list; “Subject Terms” instead of just “Subject” Dismax, & Solr local params:  local param syntax: _query_:{dismax qf …..} jQuery functions added to multi-facet search boxes; also added faceting to results (actionable facets) The search breadcrumbs got really complex. Drupal 7: A more powerful platform for building library applications Has a Continue reading Code4Lib2010 Notes from Day 2, afternoon

Code4Lib2010 Notes from Day 2, morning

Iterative Development:  Done Simply Agile, Scrum (Agile case study) Problem:  too much to do (geez, even with a staff like that?); priorities, requirements change frequently, emergencies happen IT blackbox:  those on the outside don’t know what’s going on inside Agile: response to waterfall method of software development:  values working software, customer collaboration, change, interaction Scrum: agile methodology Roles:  product owner, scrum master (keeps things going), team Artifacts: product backlog, sprint backlog (visual of scrum sprint.) Daily scrum (c. 15 min. @ start of day) what’s going on, bring up to date Sprint retrospective:  what went well, what to change for next Continue reading Code4Lib2010 Notes from Day 2, morning

Code4Lib2010 Notes from Day 1, afternoon

Taking Control of Metadata with eXtensible Catalog Open source, user-centered, “not big” Customizable, faceted, FRBRized search interface Automated harvesting and processing of large batches of metadata Connectivity Tools: between XC and ILS & NCIP; allows you to get MARC sml out of the ILS XC Metadata Services Toolkit – takes DC from repository and marcxml and sends it to drupal (toolkit) XC = extensible catalog Nice drupal interface (sample).  Modify PHP code to change display Create custom web apps to browse catalog content (fill out web form), or preset search limits & customized facets XC metadata services toolkit: cleans, aggregates, makes Continue reading Code4Lib2010 Notes from Day 1, afternoon